In June 1992, the northern NSW town of Lismore was the venue for the 1992 NSW State Square Dance Convention. The two local Clubs, Alstonville Summerland Square Dance Club and the Casino Willi-Whirlers, hosted this event and as part of the weekend program ran a “Come & Try” session which was attended by 40-50 people who had never square danced before. With Australia’s top Caller, Brian Hotchkies, calling for them it didn’t take long for them to be sold on the activity.  A couple of months later when Wilma advertised for people interested in learning to square dance, over 80 people turned up at the hall. Out of that night a new Club – Lismore Larrikins – was born. This club was dancing 5-6 squares for a number of years.  Further down the track, Wilma took over the Alstonville Club when their caller retired and for a while a lot of the dancers used to dance both nights. Eventually, when both clubs started losing dancers due to work and family commitments, moving to other areas, ill health and the aging process etc, it was decided to combine the two clubs. Adopting the club name of Summerland Larrikins (to incorporate both clubs) it was also decided to move the club to Alstonville as it was the closest venue for the majority of dancers. As with the Casino Club, Summerland Larrikins dancers believe in the square dance motto of ‘Fun and Friendship’ and welcome everybody who come through their door, be it beginners, dancers and callers from other clubs and ex-dancers. The club is often called upon to entertain various group and nursing homes. Call in and meet our dancers and see what Square Dancing is all about.

            Wilma Flannery
                Club Caller
Club Night:   Friday
Time:   7.30pm
Venue:   Alstonville Uniting Church Hall
    60 Main Street Alstonville
Contact:   Phone: 02 6662 6647