In February 1981 a small group of people, starting out with learner tapes and a couple of people who had danced a bit, thought they would like to start Square Dancing in Glen Innes. In April of that year, David Pearce, a Caller from the Armidale 8’s Square Dance Club, visited the group and ran a dance for them, giving them the experience of dancing to a live caller. With David’s help and encouragement the Glen Squares was officially formed on Anzac Day 1981. David continued to come along every 3 weeks to call for the group, bringing along some of the Armidale 8’s dancers with him. On the nights that David wasn’t there to call, the club danced to pre-recorded tapes and records. During 1982 the role of Club Leader fell to Barry Knight who is still leading the club today. Being a tape/record club was a lot different to clubs who had a live caller and over the years Glen Squares has received a lot of support from David Pearce, Brian Hotchkies (one of Australia’s top callers) and the Late Bill McHardy, who was a top caller from Toowoomba. The Club today uses music downloaded onto a computer. a long cry from carrying around a big box of records and tapes. In the boom days of Square Dancing, Glen Squares were dancing between 5 and 6 squares each week. Glen Squares will be celebrating 35 years of dancing in April this year. Beginners, visiting dancers and callers always most welcome.

2017:  Unfortunately due to the ill health of Barry and other members of the Club, which left insufficient dancers to continue, the Glen Squares reluctantly decided to close the club early this year. From time to time the dancers do get together on a casual basis to enjoy each other's company and some dancing.
At the end of October, the NNSWSDA Committee organised for some members to go to Glen Innes, as well as have some of the Glen dancers present, in order to present Barry with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his many years of contribution to Square Dancing and the NNSWSDA. A Certificate of Achievement was also presented to the Club in recognition of their 35 years of dancing. Barry was totally surprised (but pleased) as he had not been aware of what was planned. Congratulations to Baryy, Val and the Glen Square Dancers, well deserved.
If you happen to be passing through Glen Innes at any time, give Barry and Val a call and maybe even visit them. They would love to hear from you and they might even be able to organise a dance for you.

                 Barry Knight
                  Club Caller

Club Night:   Wednesday
Time:   7.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue:   Uniting Church Hall (Behind Church)
    Cnr. Macquarie & Bourke Street
Contact:   Phone: 02 6732 1735